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People in Auckland are getting faster, improved healthcare according to the latest Health Target results.

 95 per cent of emergency department patients in the Auckland District Health Board (DHB) were admitted, discharged or transferred within six hours.

 “This is a great result during the challenging winter months and reflects the hard work being done by ED staff,” says Nikki Kaye.

 “Our children are also receiving better healthcare.  98.2% of all under-sixes have access to free GP visits, and so far 93.4% of GP surgeries in Auckland DHB are offering free visits to under-13 year olds.

 “More Aucklanders are also getting elective surgery.  Last year 13,902 people received elective surgery, compared to 9,114 in 2007/2008.  That’s a 53% increase.

 “National is supporting health to the tune of $15.9 billion, with an extra $242 million invested in the Auckland DHB since 2008, which is benefiting our local community”.

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