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If you re-elect me I will:

Central Auckland and the Western Bays

1) Deliver improved schooling in the Western Bays through progressing a boys secondary school in central Auckland.

2) Build on the Governments programme of investment in the Housing First initiative which is currently housing people who have been homeless by providing longer term wrap around support. Provide more investment for organisations in central Auckland such as the City Mission working with those people who are homeless.

3) Work with relevant agencies to progress a feasibility study regarding the location and footprint of the Ports of Auckland.

4) Provide a safer central Auckland through additional police in central Auckland as per the Governments $500 million new investment in the police.

Waiheke Island

5) Continue to progress the Waiheke Island community pool alongside the local board and the community. The Ministry of Education has included the pool and other recreational facilities in its site master planning which can enable the project to proceed should the community agree to it.

6) Ensure recognition and support of Waiheke small businesses for immigration challenges. The Minister of immigration has agreed to include Waiheke in its current policy review.

7) Secure funding for parts of the island to be Pest Free by 2025 which will improve flora, fauna and birdlife. I will also ensure funding is secured to assist the community to rid the island of certain weeds and enhance the coastal reserves around Waiheke.

8) Deliver additional investment in tourism infrastructure for Waiheke Island for Matiatia and other amenities.

Great Barrier Island

9) Ensure improved marine protection for Great Barrier.

10) Ensure a further increase in the school boarding allowance.

11) Deliver support for a Visitor infrastructure or marketing to help promote tourism for initiatives such as the Aotea Conservation Park and the new Dark Sky Sanctuary.

12) Great Barrier is currently being considered as one of the Great Walks of New Zealand. It is my intention to continue to advocate strongly for this and provide additional investment in conservation initiatives to reduce pests and improve birdlife.