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Increasing the maximum fine for littering from $400 to $1000 would be a positive step to reducing the amount of waste on Auckland’s streets, says Auckland Central MP Hon Nikki Kaye. 

The Litter (Increased Infringement Fee) Amendment Bill has been put in the Private Members’ Bill Ballot by MP Jono Naylor, and proposes the increase as a deterrent for littering. 

‘I have long been concerned about the amount of waste in the CBD, and litter on our streets.  I spent a morning working as a rubbish collector a few years ago, and in just three hours I collected over three tonnes of rubbish from the CBD’ says Ms Kaye. 

‘If the Bill is passed into law I would advocate for Auckland Council to impose the maximum fine possible for littering.  We are a world-class city, the first stop for many international tourists and our city streets should reflect this.

‘We don’t have to look far to see the effect litter has on our environment – all too often rubbish ends up in our harbour and on the sea floor.  Coxs Bay and the Pt Erin Coastline are home to litter, and all too often volunteers are left to clean it up.

‘I have always believed that our environment is the greatest gift we have as a nation.  While we live in an urban area, we all have to take greater care of how we dispose of our rubbish. 

‘This is why I’m so supportive of the Litter (Increased Infringement Fee) Amendment Bill, and if passed, the potential it has for deterring would be litterers.

‘The message is simple – put your litter in the bin or take it home.  Treat our city like you would treat your home or backyard.  We all want a city we can be proud of – one that is clean and free of litter’.

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